Mother, Child and Depression

“I remember my mother’s prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life.”
These are a few words said by Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865). Mom is the first word uttered by a child, the guardian angel “Mom” is the sole source of love and affection to the child, and the security and warmth of her lap remains there for a long time, even if she is not there, giving us strength and urge to live when we are need it most. The centre of his life is his mother, so, her love, care, smiles, tears, anger, frustration, depression, prayer… affect the child. A child’s intellectual and social development flourishes closely around his mother, influenced by her immensely. A cheerful mother makes everything seem so perfect for him, in the same way the behaviour of a depressed mother may give an impression that he is unwanted and he is not able to make her happy. That creates confusion in a child’s mind about his worthiness and he also may become depressed.

Depressed mother’s depressed child and a bleak future…
Research studies show that parental depression Buy Xanax 1 Mg Online
is a major risk factor for anxiety, depression and troublesome behaviour in the children and make them violent at the same time. Children of depressed mother are more vulnerable to be victimized by depression than those of normal mothers. The children of mothers suffering from depression Buy Xanax Online during postnatal period are found to be fighting with their peers more often and resulted in injuries followed by suspension from school. “Although it appears that violence is not an inevitable outcome of postnatal depression, it is one that is made more likely under conditions of continued adversity. Early and recurring exposure to maternal depression puts children at risk for the overt pathway toward serious violence” says researcher Dale F. Hay, Ph.D., of Cardiff University. The severity of mother’s depression has more impact on the child than the chronicity of the mother’s depression no matter what is the age of the child. The reason being, a child finds it difficult to regulate attention and emotion from a mother who is depressed. The feeling of lack of love and attention makes the child angry and inattentive, so the propensity to violence increases. The loss caused by his psychological condition is so serious that the whole future of this depressed and angry child remains at stake. A mother’s depression strangulates his childhood’s innocence and faith, and his whole future may be ruined afterwards.

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