Social Media Marketing in 8 Simple Steps

Online social marketing and social networking has been around a long time, but only recently has it been experiencing an explosion in participation and promotion from around the world, in every market imaginable. It has definitely gone ‘mainstream’ and is now even more important as a tool in your internet marketing strategy.

As a result of this mass participation it’s getting harder and harder to run a business online without paying attention to what’s happening in the social marketing and social networking sphere. Many businesses are failing to get buy instagram comments real a grasp of this new marketing and networking medium before they lose market share to savvy competitors.

It’s not a question of IF you’ll get involved in social media, but when. There is a huge information demand and lack of supply, and to date there has been no place to get clear step by step instructions on understanding the all encompassing nature of social media and how it’s radically different than the traditional internet marketing systems that we are all used to.

We wanted to lay out a simple but powerful step by step formula to help you better understand the power and leverage of social marketing and to allow you to begin to apply some of these tactics to generate free traffic, targeted leads and convert more sales in your business.

This is how you can implement a professional Social Media Marketing Strategy:

1. Social Media Mindset: First learn how and why social media marketing and social networking is radically different compared to traditional forms of internet marketing because of the social media mindset…

Your WordPress blog on your own server is the professional industry standard.

3. Market Research: Then you learn how to move to the cutting edge of your market, learn it and explore it so that you understand your market from a social perspective. You focus on keywords that are relevant and already attracting traffic on the search engines for your niche.

4. Targeted Social Media Networks: Once you understand your market, then and only then can you discover the social media networks that will build your business.

5. Social Networking – Tribal Marketing: Once you know the social network sites that will help you build your business, you engage a systematic approach or process for learning how to network and build relationships in your communities.

6. Social Media Optimization: Once you learn your communities and how to engage them, it’s time for social media optimization: the process of tying everything together with your central hub and your sales/marketing funnel or process.

7. Content Syndication Strategy: Now that your web presence and social media networks are optimized for social marketing, you will develop and deliver a content strategy that is designed to sell your products and services to your community.

8. Personal Branding & Community Building: Now that you have developed your initial content strategy, it’s time to begin to engage your community and target market with the content you have developed through personal branding and community building. You’ll learn how to build large followings of people that will spread your links, content and your message to the far reaches of the social media and social networking world.
BONUS: Your Internet Marketing Sales Funnel: This entire system, or Perpetual Internet Traffic Machine, as some experts call it, is all designed to intelligently lead targeted, motivated people directly into your internet marketing sales funnel (lead capture page, autoresponder, sales letter) so you can generate traffic from the content and syndication efforts and then transform that targeted traffic into leads, prospects and sales for your business.

As you work to build your presence on the web you’ll learn how to tie all of that into a constantly growing web of influence while you gain higher and higher search engine visibility and develop a powerful community that compounds and grows over time.

Begin to learn and implement these strategies so you can see for yourself how an integrated social media marketing initiative will not only increase your web presence but will ensure your continued success on the internet and put this powerful social marketing initiative into play in your business for generating influence, search engine exposure, free traffic, free leads and more sales and profits…

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