The Samsung UE40C7000 3D Television

2010 is the year of the 3D televisions how to find more girls on omegle and the first 3D television to reach the UK is from Samsung in the form of the Samsung ue40c7000 3D led television.

So what is a 3D television and is it worth buying a 3D television and how well will 3D adapt to the home viewing environment?

If you have watched any on the new range of 3D films at the cinema such as Avatar, Disney’s Christmas Carol or Alice in Wonderland you will know how much this new version of 3D has changed since the last 3D films of the late eighties with movies like Jaws3D in which you had the plastic red and green plastic lens glasses.

Avatar has become the highest grossing movie ever and a lot of this has to do with the amazing way this film was shot in 3D.

Sky television here in the UK and ESPN in the US have already started releasing sports games in 3D at selected pubs and venues and the feedback has been amazing, so good in fact that sky will be bringing out it’s own 3D channel in April of 2010, but to watch the sky 3D channel you will need a 3D television.

The Samsung UE40C7000 is the first 3d television to be released and one of the great features of this Samsung TV is that you don’t have to adopt 3D straight away. The ue40c7000 works just as well as a standard HD LED TV and you can add on the extra 3D features such as the glasses at a later date.

A great feature of this television is that it will also upscale regular 2d pictures into 3D, of course this doesn’t look anywhere near as good as a true 3D source but it is a nice extra and will make more use of the 3d features until more content is available in the future.

The ue40c7000 is a LED edge-backlit LCD set and it is incredibly thin, at only 27mm deep, Samsung have really done ana amazing job of fitting so much technology into this television and keeping it so thin and light.

One of the great added features that Samsung have also included with this 3dtv is the ability to have SCART adaptors which was one of the main downsides to the 2009 7 series and series 8 models, but this TV is so thin that Samsung have developed special SCART adaptors that are connected via HDMI add-ons.

I have to admit that I was blown away by the 3D movies like Avatar and I have also got to watch the England vs Wales match in 3D on the new Sky 3D service and I have to say that 3D is here to stay and will change the way we view blockbuster movies and sporting events. Don’t forget that this technology is brand new and will only get even better over time. With regards to the Samsung UE40C7000 3D enabled television set, it is worth buying even if you don’t care about 3D yet, just by the standard set without the 3D add-on and you will be getting one of the best 40″ LED screens I have seen, if you thought that the 2009 models such as the ue40b7020 and the ue46b8000 were good then you have not seen anything yet!


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